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Blouses, t-shirts, sweaters

Pants, trousers, shorts

And much much more...


We specialize in high end fashtion and sustainable upcoming startup's



Quality Control




The story of Maxigrau is built on the long-standing Portuguese textile tradition, maximized by the large experience of its founders, from dyeing to weaving. We believe excellence can only be achieved through a long and deep knowledge of the various areas that make up the industry.

Maxigrau was founded in 2008, but its founding partners began their activity in 1987. From there, everything changed, the rhythm of creation and manufacturing keeps getting higher, the standards for quality are a constant presence.

Sometimes everything starts from a small sketch, other times with a physical sample which then proceeds to moulding. We make the first sample and wait for comments concerning changes, corrections, or improvements, followed by the choice of materials. Next come the orders. We buy the knit and have it completed with colour and other finishing details. We make pre-production samples and wait for the client’s approval. Then it goes on to the cutting section; depending on the model, the garment can be printed or embroidered. Then it goes to the manufacturing department. Afterwards, washing may be needed. And finally it goes to packing.

Measuring Fabrics

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