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Family owned since 1939, LEMAR is a semi vertical weaving mill of a broad selection of fabrics having its offices and manufacturing operations based in Pevidém, Guimarães, the heart of the textile industry in Portugal. For over 8 decades, our company has taken pride in producing high-quality products with an exceptional service.

Through our focus on continuous innovation, we keep striving to constantly increase customer satisfaction and provide added value to customer relationships.
Today’s LEMAR operates under the direction of third and fourth generation family members.

Our core business has been the production of men swimwear fabrics.
This company has a very strong positioning and knowledge on this area and their fabrics have been chosen (and still are) by top international brands of the sector.

However, over the last years new lifestyles have radically changed the way we dress and, consequently, we have expanded the range of the end use targets which have enabled us to create many different and varied qualities of fabrics.

All of them are aimed for active sportswear, beach and casualwear, technical fabrics, bags and luggage, baby prams and baby pushchairs, among others.
Up-to-date weaving looms guarantee a high level of flexibility in production and compliance with the highest quality standards for both small and large-scale production runs.

The roots of LEMAR go back to 1939 when Leandro Magalhães D´Araújo, the grand-father of the actual CEO, started his company.

The purpose was originally used to manufacture fabrics for the ex-Portuguese colonies in Africa.

Three decades later, in 1969 and by the hand of Américo Salgado de Araújo, son of the founder, he set out to write the company’s next chapter when he bought the first waterjet looms in Portugal. This transformation was designed to clarify and support the new market strategies and to focus in the production of outerwear fabrics.

Nowadays it is Mrs Manuela Araujo and her sons, Armindo and Alfredo Araújo, who are leading this company and ensure the continuing legacy of ethics, excellence and leadership.

LEMAR fabrics are present in all major fashion brands all over the world.

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