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VIP Consultancy Service

First step to Made in Portugal!

Leather Workshop

VIP Service!

VIP consultancy service is designed specifically for two

categories of clients.


Our personal service consists of finding

exactly the factory or factories that suit the brand. We take the initial meetings with the respective factory / s and present them with a presentation that forms the basic criteria for production.

We have divided VIP brands into 2 categories:

Established brands who already have a succesfull business and can provide the Factories we connect them to with; Drawings, Tech Packs, choice of fabrics etc.

Established or new brands who is in the face to become succesfull, but still need the service from us i.e the Factories concerning; Drawings, Tech packs, choice of fabrics, arrangement of samples, plan for production.

Generally for both categories:

Analysis of designs and styles
Choice of fabrics
We connect to the factory/s for production

Pricing estimates basic respective factory MOQ

Preparation of tech packs

Preparation of patterns

Samples for approval, ready for production
We arrange production of the collection

Preparation of neck labels and hang tags

Help to chose the way of packing
We arrange and secure Logistics

When the entire setup is in place, we arrange your first visit

with the respective Factory / s and the ultimate direct connection between your brand and the factory is established.

Experts in internal / external logistics:

With more than 20 years of experience logistics is not only

shipping of goods from A - Z, but is largely a factor that

includes all the company's procedures and in particular affect the bottom line of your brand, and ultimately the profit of your business.



Move your production to Portugal.


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