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Looking to build your own fashion or textile brand? We are here to help you all the way!



Based on our long term experience, we can advise you in terms of your styles, design  and finances based on your first collection; help you choose the factory that best suits  your start-up or future your development of your brand.  

We can also help you with calculations, and new in our concept is our own design  department BrandAtelierTextiles which offer design, patterns, tech packs and provide  the first samples ready for production. 

Our team have more than 10 years experience! 

The most important thing is that you get a good start and do not start by  overproducing your first collection, but simply follow the MOQ requirements from  the respective Factories.  

In this fashion business, you can easily get caught up in a mood and what very  familiar is called greed, which in the vast majority of cases will backfire your  business.  

With the “exclusive” personally service we provide, you will know your costs and  secure the best start of your brand -or secure the future of your brand under  development.  

Greed is good and the key to success, but must be controlled.  

Contact us direct and get an appointment ; online meeting. 

We are the best VIP service for your brand, 

We Know How, that’s why!  

By the founder  

Stig Teilmann Nielsen

We HELP startups! 

From Idea to Brand launch! 


Mentorship Program designed to launch and scale your fashion brand!

from  € 2000,00


• Analysis of the designs and styles you want to create 

• Design of the styles and preparation of patterns 

• Preparation of tech packs 

• Create your samples for approval, ready for production 

We find the most suitable factory for your production! 

• Pricing estimates basic respective factory MOQ requirements 

• We arrange production of your collection 

• Preparation of neck labels and hang tags 

• Help you to chose the way of packing 

• We arrange and secure your Logistics i collabaration with our shipping partners UPS & OLICARGO.


Additional: Tech Packs / Patterns / Proto's 

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Measuring Fabrics
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we also help influencers and bloggers develop their own lifestyle brands.

start your own textile brand right here - right now!

Woman Cutting Fabric

We represent 38 elite factories

You are more than welcome to check them out yourself!



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