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Founded in the 1970s, in Vila Nova de Famalicão, north of Portugal, by Jacinto Silva and Fatima Afonso, MJM - Marjomotex Confeções, Lda - is a family-owned company that stands out as trousers makers. Focusing in the B2B segment, primarily focusing in the manufacturing of trousers in fabrics such as denim, twill and knit, the company operates both on-demand – based on a sample or mould from the customer - or vertically - ensuring all stages of production: modelling, cutting, sewing, finishing and washing. Over the years, the company has developed solid know-how, specializing in the production of denim trousers, which then it extended to other fabrics and, more recently, other garments.

Today, Monica Afonso, general manager, follows in the footsteps of the founders, inspired by her father's entrepreneurial spirit whom after years of industry experience began to buy the surplus fabrics of the local factories, and the art of sewing mastered by her mother who used to make the clothes that they both sold at the local market.

With about 40 employees, some already part of the 2nd generation of families working in the company, MJM has built a unique reputation of quality and reliability of its products and customer service. This has resulted on the one hand in its recognition as SME Leader in 2012, 2014 and 2015 and SME Excellence by IAPMEI in 2015 and on the other hand in solid partnerships and lasting business relationships with some of the most important Iberian players at the retail level - eg.: Inditex, El Corte Inglés, Massimo Dutti, Mike Davis, Quebramar, Lanidor, Guimanos, Globe, etc.

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