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Here is an opportunity!
Would you like to be self employed within FASHION.
Why start your own brand if you can be a part of a successful existing brand.
Your risks of survival with your own brand are 27% after 4 years and 5% after
10 years. By entering into a franchise agreement with an established brand, you
are making a relatively somewhat smaller investment, but much much greater
certainty that you will be successful with a brand who already have shown the
way in Fashion.

By becoming part of an already established brand, you can concentrate on
marketing and sales. You will be served new collections, current news. You will
have your own business in your Country; Your investment and supply is secured!
Franchising is a system for marketing goods and / or services and / or
technology, which is based on close and continuous cooperation between
companies that are legally and financially separated and independent: the
franchisor and the individual franchisees, whereby the franchisor transfers to his
franchisees the right and obligation to conduct business according to the concept
of the franchisor.

This right entitles and obliges the individual franchisee to use, for a direct or
indirect consideration, the franchisor's business name and / or trademark and /
or service mark, know-how, business methods, technology, processes and other
intellectual property rights, all supported by an obligation for the franchisor to
provide ongoing business and technical assistance, within the framework and the
contract period, in accordance with a written franchise agreement concluded for
this purpose between the parties.

By franchising is meant that an export company (franchisor) sells a specific
concept i.e. product to a franchisee. We simply copy the Franchisor Webshop
with domain register in your country, where you’re holding the exclusive right to
promote and sell the Franchisor products.

Contact us and we make a presentation direct to the brand!

Are YOU the one to take MAXI LEAF STORE to Australia? Or Sweden perhaps?

Are YOU the one to take VICTORIA LIMITED to the USA? Or Norway perhaps?



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