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Here is an opportunity!
Would you like to be self employed within FASHION.

VICTORIA LIMITED is a fashion brand established in 2023 The brand is built upon Danish design combined with the great craftsmanship of Portuguese manufacturing.
The concept of VICTORIA LIMITED is built on a foundation merging upcycling and limited production. When starting the brand, we needed to create a concept that would take advantage of the resources already present in this world. Our goal was to utilize garments others might consider garbage, also known as deadstock fabrics. By producing upcycled products, we take the opportunity to reuse discarded fabrics turning them into products of even higher quality. This is done without producing new garments. By only using deadstock fabrics, VICTORIA LIMITED is working with limited production. We only have limited production to avoid overproduction of clothing, which leads to a giant waste of resources.

VICTORIA LIMITED is built upon a solid foundation of noble intentions. We are not merely a brand that follows the latest fashion trends, instead, we aspire to present an elevated vision of the fashion industry to the world. In the pursuit of inspiring others to follow a similar path, we have chosen what we believe is the route to the future!

Are YOU the one to take VICTORIA LIMITED to new heights!



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